Stichting Exploitatie Zwembad Krommerijn has been founded to make the swimming pool available all year round.

The Krommerijn pool has a very active permanent renter: swimming club UZSC. UZSC is well known in Utrecht for its water polo, masters swimming and swimming lessons. The club really excels in water polo. Both the women’s and men’s teams play in the top division of the Dutch league.

Several other organizations and companies also rent the pool each year for certain activities. Together these are “permanent renters” of the Krommerijn swimming pool.

Besides these permanent renters, there is still availability for individuals, groups and organizations to rent the pool for a single occasion, or for a longer term. For more information see ‘Rates and Availability’.

The facilities at the Krommerijn pool are excellently equipped to organize activities.


The pool is 50 meters long, 21 meters wide and has eight lanes for competitions. The temperature of the water is usually 26.5°C. The pool has changing rooms for men, women and groups. There are plenty of lockers available (free of charge).


The club house has a capacity of 50 to 100 seats and offers limited catering (coffee, tea, sodas, sports drinks and small snacks). If extensive catering is desired, then this can be discussed. Zwembad De Krommerijn is easily accessible by public transportation. There are also more than adequate parking spaces (free of charge).

Rates and availability

The opening hours are only am indication of the availability during the season. At certain times the pool is in fact not fully rented. Under the heading “Occasional rental” you can find information on pricing.

Occasional rental

The rental rates are (valid through December 2018):

For information on availability, to make a rental request or for other questions, please contact: